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Updating estate documents, the bypass trust

Some Florida residents might regard estate planning as a one-time thing that they don’t have to think about again. However, there are multiple reasons that people may need to update their wills. Common reasons include major life changes like divorce or new members joining the family. Changes are also needed if a beneficiary predeceases the testator.

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When should you tell your children about trust funds?

So you’ve set up a trust fund in your child’s name. You know you can’t get that money back, as it now officially belongs to the child. When should you tell him or her about the money?

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What to consider before assigning a trustee

Setting up a trust can be an effective and beneficial option for people who wish to protect their assets, reduce taxes, avoid probate and/or have control over asset distribution. While they may not be necessary for every person, trusts are a tool that people all across Orlando often consider when it comes to estate planning.

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