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Some Important Lessons Regarding Estate Planning

It is almost universal that people fear death. This is only natural because what awaits people on the other side is one of life’s greatest mysteries; however, it is important for people to understand that planning for death is an essential part of life. Too often, people wait to plan for their death until they are incapable of making those important decisions regarding what to do with their belongings after death.

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Protecting a child with special needs

Do you have a child who is eighteen or older and, while the world sees them as a legal adult, you know your child has special needs that has delayed their cognitive abilities? Does your estate planning provide for and protect the financial future of your child with special needs?  You may need to file for a guardian advocate and our firm can help you do that.

Tags: estate planning, guardianship

Anonymous Property Ownership – Part II: How Land Trusts Work

Now that you know the benefits of having an attorney prepare a land trust, it is also important to understand how land trusts work.

Tags: estate planning, real estate, trust

Advanced Directives…Consider the alternative

Many people think about preparing for the “what if’s” but never actually do anything about it. People, like myself, believe there’s always tomorrow.

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