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Intestate succession protects adopted descendants

Intestate succession occurs when there is no will or other instrument to direct some or all of a deceased person’s estate. Often it occurs when a person fails to execute a will or take other measures to direct his or her property in the event of death.

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3 things you need to address in your partnership agreement

You might prefer to make partnership agreements with a handshake, but you need something more reliable. Business partnerships are not immune to misunderstandings and disagreements. You will have to deal with these people unless you dissolve the partnership. This is why you should write a clear partnership agreement as you start your business to save complications down the road.

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How to help your aging parent create a will

No one wants to think about and prepare for a parent passing. One way to make this a less stressful time is by making sure your parent has a will in place. This simple step can help eliminate a lot of issues so you can avoid familial conflict and spend time bonding instead as you grieve together.

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