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Life Insurance Myth Buster...Probate is better!

Probate not life insurance will protect your loved ones from being personally responsible for your final bills and expenses.  Have you seen those life insurance policy commercials that say you need to purchase life insurance so your loved ones can pay your final expenses?  Those commercials are not exactly truthful.  Proper estate planning and/or a formal probate administration is the better solution to better protect your loved ones from your financial burden. 

Probate...What you need to know

Has a loved one passed away recently and you feel lost about what to do next?  Have you tried to contact the bank to get your loved one's affairs in order but no one will talk to you?  Have you tried selling their real estate and title companies ask questions you can't answer?  Probate does not need to be scary or stressful; that's where we can help! 

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