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How to approach parents about wills

While it is tough to talk to your parents about death, can be an important subject to approach before it is too late. Many individuals die every year without a will, and this can causes immeasurable strife within families. In fact, only 44 percent of Americans have a will, according to Gallup. This is down from 51 percent in 2005.

It can be tough to talk about wills and estate planning. Generally, the best thing you can do is be upfront and make it clear you only want what is best.

Talk to siblings

You generally never want to talk to your parents about wills and estate planning without first consulting any siblings you have. If your siblings hear you are talking to mom and dad about these subjects behind their backs, then it could lead to family in-fighting. Talk to your siblings before talking to your parents. Let them know why you want this conversation and what you hope it will accomplish.

Write your own will first

Before you talk to your parents about estate planning, make sure your own will is in order. It is never too early to create this document, and it can be incredibly important to have one if you have a spouse or children. Getting your own will in order may also allow you to open the conversation more naturally.

Be sensitive

If your parents do not want to talk about estate planning, then do not force them into an unpleasant conversation. Back off when it seems too stressful. You can approach the conversation again in a few weeks or months. Your parents may open up over time. Part of being sensitive also means being upfront about your motives. Make it clear you do not care about how much money you will inherit. State how you merely want what is best for your parents.

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