Helping Families And Trustees In Central Florida With The Trust Administration Process

Benefits Of Setting Up A Trust: Reducing Estate Taxes

An effective strategy to reduce the immediate impact of high estate taxes following the death of a loved one is to set up a living trust or testamentary trust while the estate holder is still alive.

The Procedure

As one of the conditions of a trust, there must be a trustee, an individual or organization that assumes fiduciary responsibility over the funding, beneficiary rights, investment and disbursement of assets in the account.

It is often most beneficial to appoint a trustee who is independent of family affairs and influences. Many individuals appointed as trustee find that they need legal assistance with the process when the time comes.

If you are a trustee or family member who needs assistance with trust administration or probate matters, I invite you to speak with me, attorney Michael G. Horton, in Clermont, Florida.

Carrying On A Legacy Established In 1975

In 1975, my father began helping individuals in the state of Florida with aspects involving the administration of various trusts. Today, over 40 years later, I carry on this trusted legacy and am proud to help families from many different walks of life with trust related matters.

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Helping To Preserve Assets Through Trusts

I also frequently assist families set up trusts as an estate plan tax reduction strategy. If you need assistance creating a trust, I can review your current estate plan, discuss the various types of trust options available, and how they can benefit you and protect your assets.