Planning For A Loved One With Special Needs

Does your Central Florida family include a child or elderly loved one with special needs? If so, it is perfectly understandable that you would be very concerned about what may happen to him or her when you are no longer able to serve as his or her source of primary care.

If a person with special needs would receive money and assets, it could cause problems in maintaining benefits eligibility under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid programs, which could ultimately be canceled or denied. One way of ensuring that your loved one is provided for after your death, without being denied such benefits, is to set up a special needs trust.

At the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., in Clermont, we will be happy to fully and clearly explain methods of providing money and other benefits for a loved one with special needs without putting eligibility for government assistance at risk.

Founding attorney Dennis L. Horton is an estate planning attorney with decades of experience creating forward-looking solutions for families just like yours. We can show you how to establish a special needs trust or supplemental needs trust that preserves government benefit eligibility while continuing distributions of assets that meet the supplemental needs of a disabled person.

We Understand All The Options Available To You

The wide variety of living assistance available to minors and seniors with special needs includes:

  • Personal escorts
  • Personal care attendants
  • Regular examinations and checkups at independent medical facilities
  • Supplemental education services
  • Personal tutoring
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for dental and medical care
  • Motor vehicle maintenance and transportation
  • Funding and materials for recreational activities, vacations and entertainment
  • Physical fitness equipment
  • Access to religious services
  • Attention to specific dietary needs

If you have beneficiaries with special needs that you wish to provide for after your passing, contact us to discuss the drafting of a well-designed special needs trust. Call the attorneys at the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., today, in Clermont at 888-672-4205 or locally at 352-432-1618 for a free initial consultation. Your email message and phone calls will be responded to promptly.