Lawyer For Creating Premarital And Post-Marital Agreements

If you are about to be married and are considering including a premarital agreement within your estate plan, you should speak with the experienced Florida estate and probate attorneys of the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., in Clermont.

A prenuptial agreement can help avoid unnecessary litigation arising from disputes over possession of a home and other assets, or how either spouse should benefit from appreciation of those assets.

Most importantly, a premarital or prenuptial agreement protects ownership of everything you have accumulated before your marriage — and can serve to protect your possessions and child access rights in the event that your marriage fails or you pass away.

We also help married couples with post-nuptial agreements.

When you want your Central Florida estate plan to include a prenuptial agreement that protects your investments, assets, property and access to your child, the experienced lawyers of the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., protect your rights and financial interests in the event of divorce or death.

Safeguarding Your Interests In Many Ways

We will ensure that your interests are safeguarded when your issues include:

  • Homestead rights
  • Spousal share or elective share
  • Spousal support
  • Division of property and marital assets in the event of divorce
  • Distribution of property to beneficiaries upon death

A marriage is a contract. If you want provisions of this contract to be a part of your estate planning in Central Florida, contact the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A. Call us today in Clermont at 888-672-4205 or locally at 352-432-1618 or send an email message.