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Leaving your loved ones to make tough decisions about your final medical treatment at the end of your life puts them in a terrible place. It will be hard enough grieving over the potential loss of someone who has been such an important part of their lives. Is it fair to make them agonize over what you would want done if you could speak for yourself?

Understanding Living Wills

A living will states your wishes regarding feeding tubes and other critical health care services if death is imminent or you are in a permanent vegetative state. A properly executed living will helps to ease the burden on family members who may be uncertain of your wishes. By clearly communicating your medical care preferences, you can help reduce the chances of unnecessary family conflicts if you suffer a sudden accident or illness.

It is never too early to give your family peace of mind about your end-of-life medical decisions. The time to prepare for unexpected events such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or the long-term effects of a stroke or other illness is while you are still mentally competent.

Living wills are valuable tools, regardless of your age. We are fully prepared to advise and answer any questions you have, including explaining the scenarios that will benefit from a living will. Contact our office in Clermont today.

If you reside in the Orlando metropolitan area or anywhere in Central Florida, do right by your family. Call Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., in Clermont. As an experienced estate planning attorney, Dennis Horton helps clients with a variety of estate planning tools, including living wills.

Legal Tools That Put Your Loved Ones At Ease

Although no one plans to become mentally incapacitated, living wills, durable powers of attorne y and health care directives can act as insurance in case the unexpected occurs. All three of these tools provide direction in the event that you are alive, but unable to make decisions for yourself.

Mr. Horton offers clients more than 40 years of experience. Over the course of his career, he has drafted thousands of living wills to help families get the peace of mind they need and deserve. We highly recommend an advance health care directive as an important part of a thorough estate planning strategy, particularly since many people now live longer, with an increased chance of becoming mentally incapacitated at some point in time.

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