Passing Your Family Business To The Next Generation

If a business owner in your Central Florida family has died or decided to retire, you and your relatives — as well as partners in the business — could benefit from sound legal advice that paves the way for an orderly transition of the company from one owner to the next generation of leaders.

Since 1975 — Helping People Keep Their Business Success In The Family

Since 1975, the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., has been instrumental in the formulation of carefully drawn business succession planning as part of an individual's or family's estate plan. We are business owners ourselves and identify with your wishes and goals. We know that without a succession plan at the ready, a once-solid company could shatter into a series of destructive disputes, with declining employee and client morale.

Our experienced law firm can help establish important objectives well in advance of an owner's retirement or untimely death. These goals can include recruiting successors in management and ownership, and providing foundations for a smooth transition from one owner to the next.

Access To Attorney Horton's Knowledge And Experience
Attorney Dennis Horton has earned an LL.M (Master of Laws in Taxation). He has the facts you need about asset transfers and FLPs. As our client, you will have the benefit of maximum access to knowledge and legal counsel throughout the process. Contact us to arrange your free consultation at our Clermont office.

We Will Explain Everything You Need To Know

Plans for business succession can be customized to your family and financial needs, or categorized as retention planning (the business or shares of the business kept in the retiree's family, with family members controlling assets) or buy-sell retention (first-refusal rights for investments in the company offered to shareholders at a negotiated price).

Our knowledgeable estate law attorneys will explain how succession arrangements can be made prior to a business owner's exit or retirement, or after a sudden death. We can also help you chart a course of action for reorganization of a company — setting goals, designating new management, naming key employees, and transitioning an owner or executive officer's interests into trusts for payouts to family members.

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The Central Florida business succession lawyers who can assist with smooth preparations for the inevitable change of command at a closely held family business are at the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A. — serving clients throughout Florida since 1975.

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