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One effective strategy to reduce the immediate impact of high estate taxes following the death of a loved one is to set up a living trust or testamentary trust. This can be done while the estate holder is still alive.

As one of the conditions of a trust, there must be a trustee, an individual or organization that assumes fiduciary responsibility over the funding, beneficiary rights, investment and disbursement of assets in the account. It is often most beneficial to appoint a trustee who is independent of family affairs and influences.

You Don't Need A Lawyer As Trustee — But Legal Knowledge Is Important

If you reside in Central Florida and are considering establishing a living trust or testamentary trust as an estate tax reduction strategy, talk to us, the Law Office of Horton & Horton, P.A., in Clermont.

Attorney Dennis Horton has decades of experience advising and representing clients in estate and probate matters, setting up the right kinds of trusts to meet family's needs and serving as trustee for family trusts.

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We will review your current estate plan and goals for protecting your assets through a trust. Mr. Horton will explain the various types of trust options and how our firm can benefit you by serving as the initial trustee.

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